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Our standard six-month guarantee
We are confident in the quality of our work and willing to prove it, with that a 6-month guarantee for Senior Management & Executive placements.  Find out how you can qualify for a full 12-month guarantee
Our fee structure
Crawford & Carruthers Inc. charges a flat fee of $2000 per recruitment project (per vacancy) upfront.  We have done away with contingency and retained recruitment models of which the fees were charged at a percentage of the candidate's annual salary, normally 12 - 17% of the candidate's annual gross salary.
Step 1
Connect with the Founder, Mandy Jones, for an introductory call and a recruitment brief by accessing Mandy's booking page below:
Step 2
Before the meeting, assess what the perfect candidate looks like in preparation for the call
Step 3
Make payment via wire transfer
Step 4
Sit back while our recruiters source your candidates.  This process can take up to two weeks to complete.  You will receive a minimum of 5 hand-selected and duly vetted candidates, which fits perfectly with your candidate profile.  
As the client, you will now select your top candidates (most of the time our clients select all our submitted candidates) to be invited to your video interview which Crawford & Carruthers Inc. will set up for you.
A second interview will be scheduled with your final list of candidates.

Should you as our client not be satisfied with our shortlist, our headhunters will source more candidates for your open vacancy.
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