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Chief engineer - Caribbean

Our Client is seeking an experienced Chief Engineer with a preference for candidates holding an electrical or mechanical engineering degree.

As a self-sufficient island, they rely on generators for electricity and operate a desalination plant for water. The Chief Engineer will play a pivotal role in overseeing all mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and water/plumbing operations.

**Key Responsibilities:**

- Manage day-to-day operations of electrical, mechanical, and water departments.

- Direct and coordinate installation, repairs, and maintenance of generators, electrical power equipment, electrical controls, pipe work, pumps, desalination plant, wastewater treatment plant, HVAC systems, vehicles, and boats.

- Schedule all works effectively to ensure smooth operations.

- Ensure all systems operate at maximum efficiency.

- Maintain quality control over work completed by staff and/or subcontracted labor.

- Coordinate materials needed for daily work to enhance efficiency.

- Requisition tools, materials, and equipment required for daily operations.

- Track daily progress of ongoing works.

- Ensure proper maintenance, tracking, and servicing of tools, equipment, and machinery.

- Inspect facilities and order maintenance and repairs as needed.

- Efficiently manage the department team and submit biweekly schedules to the office.

- Continuously review systems and processes to enhance efficiency.

- Responsible for ordering spare parts for all equipment.

- Oversee the ordering and receiving of fuel on the island.

- Complete monthly reporting requirements.

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