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Executive Sous Chef

Summary :  

Our client, a premier safari and holiday destination in South Africa’s ecological and culturally significant, Eastern Cape province, is searching for an experienced Executive Sous Chef, to contribute to the team success and training of the rest of the team.

The perfect candidate will have a formal management qualification (bachelor degree and /or diploma in culinary arts) minimum of 5 years working experience in a culinary leadership position with demonstrated, extensive previous experience in a luxury lodge, hotel, cruise ship or private residence environment.

Key Competencies:

Middle Management Level:

·      Process excellence and service delivery

·      Sustainable quality and attention to detail

·      Innovation for results

·      Initiative and change agent

·      Teamwork, cross organizational collaboration and building high performance teams

·      Managing uncertain (ambiguity) and adaptability.

Key Performance Indicators:

·      Customer Related

o  Timeliness of submission, accuracy and adherence to kitchen and stewarding annual objectives and activities plans

o  Appreciation and complaints received about food from guests

o  Online reputation for culinary excellence

·      People Related

o  Effectiveness of coordination between kitchen, stewarding, purchasing and food and beverage teams

Development of a ‘bench-strength’ of culinary expertise through the development of people - Succession

·      Process Related

o  Ratings achieved for kitchen and stewarding performance in quality audits (KPI shared with Head Chef)

o  Degree to which methods of work are improved or produce greater efficiency, number and impact of innovations proposed and implemented

·      Finance Related

o  Timeliness, accuracy and adherence of kitchen and stewarding department budgets and forecasts

o  Achievement of the budgeted Food Cost (KPI shared with Head Chef)

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