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Hospitality General Manager, Botswana

We are searching for an exceptional, experienced, General Manager who has a good overall understanding running of safari lodge operations, finance and staff management for a well-known luxury hotel and safari brand, to be based in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Must have a degree or diploma for work permit & previous experience in running a five star operation as Lodge Manager of GM

The individual should have at least 5 years of solid 5 star lodge management experience in a remote location, with an unrelenting attention to detail and the ability to motivate and inspire, as well as passion for hospitality, keen interest in sustainability, conservation and community development.

Important for this role:

·      Must have strong operational knowledge

·      Excellent interpersonal skills with guests and staff

·      Should have hospitality management experience

·      Should have excellent English and communication skills

·      Must have previous at least 5 years’ experience in 5 star management experience in a safari / boutique lodge or hotel

·      Relevant degree / diploma is essential

·      Excellent computer skills

·      Ability to train and develop a team


·     Good command of the English language

·     An outgoing, warm, friendly personality

·     Confident and comfortable around affluent people

·     Well presented, Honest, Diligent and self-motivator

·     Have the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

·     High energy levels

·     Good staff motivator skills

·     Passionate about creating memorable experiences for individuals

·     Good interpersonal skills

·     Sense of urgency

·     Passionate about guest delight

·     Attention to detail

·     Diligence and self-motivation to meet deadlines

·     Willingness and ability to share information, teach and inspire others

Apply right here:

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