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Contingency Recruitment

The classic and widely followed recruitment process.

What is Contingency Recruitment?

A contingency search is sometimes described as No Win, No Fee (or even No Cure, No Pay). It is what it says on the tin, a service performed by a recruitment company for free until the day a candidate represented by them takes a position with their client.

The Truth about Contingency

The standard norm in the Hospitality industry but far from perfect or good for all parties involved.  Why Contingency Recruitment is hurting your business:

  • Commitment - The vacancy is open to as many recruitment firms as the client can handle.  This approach creates a multitude of problems.

    • For the client, because the practice is, first come first "owe", recruiters rush the process, sometimes not even interviewing the candidate (yes, I find this all the time). 

    • For the recruiter, roles can become tedious because there is no commitment from the client, so easier assignments become a much more attractive path towards hitting commission and promotion targets, and most likely the role will be left gathering dust and going without the attention it deserves. 

  • Collaboration - Collaboration is not easy when you have more than one recruitment firm working with you.  There is no time to work together as a team, reaching for the same common goal. 

  • Value - How can you possibly add value or reputation by commissioning more than one recruitment firm when they are tasked to race through the candidates to get there first. 

    • Your company brand plays a very important role in the recruitment sphere, a tool to build your brand, sadly contingency recruitment has no benefit to your brand.

Takeaway: working with more than one agency, ultimately means less collaboration, poor value and a bigger workload for the client.

CRAWFORD & CARRUTHERS do not subscribe to contingency recruitment ...

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