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Ready to step up your game in the job hunt market?  If you find yourself looking for a new opportunity or struggling to land an interview, you have come to the right place.  Our APPLICATION ASSISTANT will do all the heavy lifting for you.  As we all know, finding a new position is a full-time job!

What the APPLICATION ASSISTANT will do for you:

Intake Call

Firstly, a team member will set up a Zoom call with you.  During this call we will make notes on the way you interview, discuss your requirements for the new position and go through your CV.

Set Job Alerts

According to your wishes we will set up Job Alerts, directing them directly to us.

Crafting a New CV and Vacancy Specific Cover Letter

Your CV is your greatest weapon to get a foot in the door.  We will craft a new CV for you as well as write Cover Letters according to the vacancy we apply for you

Apply to Vacancies

We will directly apply to Vacancies for you with a tailored cover letter for each vacancy and your new CV we crafted

Daily Report

You will receive a daily report of all the vacancies we applied for on your behalf.

Find out more

Send us a message to find out about pricing and how we go about this process.  Currently, we can only accept 5 intakes per week.

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