Covid Relief

Ever had a designated recruitment firm working on ONLY your project?  Come experience our Retained services at a fraction of the cost.  We promise you will never go back to Contingency recruitment again!

An initiative to support our clients during Covid and the recovery of the Industry.

Why is this initiative beneficial?
The package is built around our very popular Retained Recruitment model.
Experience the effects of a Retained Service at a fraction of the cost!


A retainer is the highest form of client commitment, and we send a clear signal that we’re serious about filling your position.

Our team will represent your business in a highly professional and confidential manner and approach the right people and fast. We will dedicate all our resources, time effort, research and energies on your project until it is complete.  Your return on investment will be exponential, and the new hire will be able to add value quickly to your organization.



The Benefits


Most of our clients retain our services and thus we work on a limited number of search assignments at a time to ensure a speedy delivery process while maintaining a high level of quality.

Promoting your Company Brand

Because we have taken the time to get to know your company we are able to be ambassadors.  We are ultimately the conduit between the candidate and the employer.  Great care is taken to give the candidate a positive experience, thus promoting your company name.

Long Term Commitment

We are invested in the long-term commitment and impact of the person hired, therefore we are motivated to help secure a lasting, successful hire for our client.

Professional, meticulous methodology

We offer meticulous research, extensive talent pools, and thorough investigations of candidates, making sure the candidate is an excellent fit for the vacancy and company culture.

Greater efficiency and effectiveness

Having one firm to deal with also helps the efficiency of the recruitment process, as well as enabling the recruitment agency team to be more effective. The pace is increased and the quality of candidates is positively impacted. Recruiters have more time to spend on the project and can start to add value with market knowledge, benchmarking and advisory services.

Guarantee of completion

There are some roles out there which are just extremely difficult to fill for several reasons. The benefit of retained recruitment means our team keeps going until the roles are filled!


How it works

Crawford & Carruthers invest all our resources and dedicates our research capacity on each search assignment while leveraging the full spectrum of active and passive candidates available in the market. 

Our Process

  • Working with the client to get a complete understanding of the company culture and the perfect candidate

  • Define a tailor-made search strategy

  • Progress report to the client every step of the way

  • Shortlisting and submitting a candidate pack consisting of comprehensive CV, our findings and a copy of our video interview


We provide our client with a selection of highly qualified candidates that have the right background and experience for the specific opportunity and fit well with the client’s culture.

How to take advantage of our Covid Relieve package
You can contact us directly by telephone, WhatsApp or Telegram on: +507 6306 9815
or send an email to:

"CRAWFORD & CARRUTHERS - A trusted brand in specialised recruitment."

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